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MindMyHustle was founded by Malaysia Gatlin in 2020. Malaysia has been hustling since the young age of 9 when she was getting her mother and her mother’s friends for quarters in her “Swear Jar.” After realizing what money could do, things were never really the same. Malaysia grew up learning new ways to make money. Whether it’d be raking leaves, shoveling snow, writing essays, babysitting, reselling sneakers or editing pages on Myspace (; if it made money she was learning how to do it and succeeding at it. Fast forward to today, nothing much has changed but now it’s time for Malaysia to leave her mark!

This is why “MindMyHustle” was born. You always hear people say “Mind Your Own Business” but Malaysia wants you to do the opposite and mind Hers. She wants you to learn from her and use what you learn to become a better person for yourself and your loved ones. So if you feel the NEED to mind something then make sure you "Mind Her Hustle!"

To Hustle means “to create your own opportunities by doing something that you love by any means necessary.” There is more than one way to hustle, so make sure you pay close attention :)

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